Access Control Systems


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Here at Protek UK, we offer a comprehensive access control system for our commercial and industrial clients nationwide. Our complete service includes the supply and installation of high quality systems which ensure that only people with authorised access are able to enter your premises.

A successful access control installation begins with a free site survey by one of our qualified engineers in order to understand your needs.  After considering factors such as location, times of access and the level of security required, Protek Electrical design engineers will tailor a solution that is bespoke to your needs.  Our approach is very consultative and we endeavour to explain our recommendations in easy to understand terminology.

Once the design meets your approval, we agree an installation date and team of accredited engineers will install the system and ensure it is working effectively.

We only employ the most reliable professionals with the experience to define new standards in technical excellence. Our engineers are based nationwide across the UK and pride themselves on their flexibility and punctuality. This means we can install and maintain access control systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We supply and Install the following systems

  • Keypad entry systems

  • Card entry systems

  • Bionic entry systems

  • Intercom and Video Intercom

Keypad Entry

Keypad entry is one of the most popular forms of access control systems, providing an ideal way of regulating authorised access to commercial and residential properties. Perfect for a range of applications, from offices and apartment blocks to gated entry and car parks, keypad entry offers a simple and convenient method of controlling the access to your premises.


Card Entry Systems

Cards, readers, control panels
When a card is presented at a card reader — usually sited at the door — the reader extracts the card’s verification information, or credentials, and sends it to the data processor in the control panel. If the data matches the database, the control panel returns a signal to the card reader which signals the unlocking mechanism.

Swipe cards
The integrated circuitry in these cards enables them to provide ID verification, data storage and application processing. Again, it’s not new technology, but a combination of patented concepts from 40 years ago.

The ID data is stored on a magnetic strip between the laminated cards. The technology — still used for credit and debit cards today — is being overtaken by pointless contact technology, with greater integrated security encryption.

Smart cards
These are highly capable of credentials authentication, but because of their integrated circuitry that combines data memory and storage, ID verification and micro-processing, are more feasible for high-end security and for national citizenship cards.

Proximity cards
This form of contactless card can be read from a device in a pocket or wallet up to 5cm away. Among its numerous capabilities, a passive contactless card is used as an access control door key-card.

We know the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and use the right card readers for the job, for instance:
• basic for card number or PIN reading and redirecting to control panel for lock release
• semi-intelligent for locking control, still reliant on control panel for verification
• intelligent for lock control and access decisions through its own inbuilt capabilities
• IP or internet-based controllers for direct connectivity to a host PC.


Bionic Fingerprint Control Access

Biometric access control systems like fingerprint access control system offer a superior level of security than other access control systems like cards or passwords because biometric readers identify individuals, not cards or passwords. Earlier, only high security offices or institutions were able to install biometric access control systems, but now, the cost of biometric access control systems have become equal to traditional card based access control systems.

Biometric access control systems use biometric scanners as a means to provide authentications. The most common biometric access control systems are fingerprint readers, iris scanners and retina scanners. These access control systems are quite sophisticated compared to traditional methods and they give an extremely high level of security. Cards and other such devices offer big advantages compared to keys, but they can be stolen or lost by people. Biometric access control systems on the other hand, rely on unique, physical characteristics of each and every authorised user.

The most common use for biometric access control systems like fingerprint access control system, is the history log. The ability to identify who entered a controlled area and when has proven to be a well appreciated system feature. Unlike security systems which rely of keys, a biometric access control will deter misuse as individuals will know that the access control system is recording their time and date of access. Hence, they are held accountable for their actions.When a person wishes to enter a controlled door, the access control system searches a database and establishes whether the person is authorised to enter or not. If the person is granted access, the system records the date and time of entry along with the identity of the person for future reference.

Biometric access control systems have revolutionised the way businesses limit entry to secure areas in a building. Relying on keys, cards, passwords or other similar devices can be a serious problem for companies as these can be easily copied, stolen or hacked a long time before someone notices that something is amiss. Access control systems like fingerprint access control systems provide many benefits since they use several authentication methods fingerprint, passwords, smart cards. These access control systems are guaranteed to improve the security of any facility they are installed in.


Intercom Systems

Protek UK offer an extensive selection of door entry system designs, making their products ideal for any products with different panel styles available for different property aesthetics.

Their entry panels include both voice and video options with both analogue and digital versions available, making their panels ideal for integration within existing security systems.Also, with an entry panel you will be able to answer from anywhere with the use of intuitive phone app.

Intelligent Security and Fire provide Door Entry System installation and Intercom installation for a wide variety of Door Entry Systems or Door Intercom systems specifically designed for our customers individual requirements. These systems vary from a single button audio calling station outside the premises, to large audio/video multi-calling stations to audio video multi-handset systems, typically in blocks of apartments.


Door Entry System Installation / Door Intercom Installation
Door Entry systems provide a safe and convenient way of authorising access to your property. Visitors can be interrogated with the latest range of audio and video door entry systems linked to handsets monitors or “trend setting” internal recessed modules within the property. These units are so compact they hardly take up any space and a selection of specialised finishes can match in harmony with your décor.

Video Door Entry System Installation

Being able to see who is at the door can be more important than just speaking to them. This is because with this system you are able to see the person before you allow them access to the property.

Video entry systems are available in monochrome or colour and can be interfaced with internal TV networks and/or CCTV Systems. Some dynamic systems allow the facility of communication via an interface with the internal telephone system for maximum convenience and can also be integrated with access control systems.

In addition to this we can integrate entry panels to telephone systems so that a telephone or telephone extension on a switchboard can answer an entry panel call, or indeed the entry panel can make a call to anywhere in the world, and from that location the door or gate can be unlocked remotely!

Door Entry Integration

Door Entry systems and Intercom systems are closely related to access control systems and are often integrated so that those using the building regularly and visitors alike can gain access to a protected area.

With Intercom system a visitor can be identified

Different intercom and door phone systems are widely used in residential buildings, business premises, shopping centres, office blocks, parking garages, etc. With an intercom system visitors can be identified, which gives added security. In retail premises, an intercom system can improve internal logistics (loading bay doors, etc.). 

Solutions for new buildings and renovation sites

  • intercom systems

  • door phones  

  • code-based keypads

  • video door phones

  • gate phone systems

  • Solutions for all applications

  • Bespoke Installation solutions

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Simple system integration

The modern systems can be easily connected to other systems, such as CCTV and access control systems. Protek Electrical Contractors can provide all the required services: a survey of needs, system engineering, installations, deployment and training. 




Protek UK offer a 12-month Maintenance Contract that gives you access to our 24/7 call out facility. Should you need any advice or attention to the systems, we are just a phone call away. We aim to respond to every call within 4 hours, and will ensure that your systems are running smoothly.

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