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Commissioning and Maintenance

Protek UK have established dedicated commissioning engineering staff servicing UK and Middle East. We offer specialised independent commissioning services including:

Reviewing contractor method documentation

  • Comprehensive review of all commissioning and documentation requirements with each contractor. Preparation of a road-map for the commissioning process in collaboration with the documentation team.

Creating commissioning plans and schedules

  • On completion of reviews, prepare a detailed plan of sequential activities to establish the interdependencies of all activities.

Facilitating meetings and workshops

  • Manage the Commissioning meetings and regularly update the Commissioning programme accordingly. We undertake regular reviews of the M&E installation to eliminate commissioning related problems before they can impact upon the programme.

Functional testing

  • Carry out an appraisal of the installation works with a focus on the Commissionability. We witness tests on key systems, report progressively against potential problems with the installation and attend any offsite witnessing. We witness the testing and commissioning of the individual items of plant in a stand-alone and fully interfaced condition in readiness for the final proving phase.

Reviewing operational performance

  • During the testing and commissioning phase Engineering Commissioning Services plays a pro-active role in guiding the installing contractors to ensure activities are performed in accordance with the approved method statements and recognised codes of practice.

Retrospective re-commissioning of existing buildings

  • Conduct a comprehensive audit to ensure the building systems (hydraulic, mechanical/HVAC, electrical, fire and control systems) are operational as originally planned and constructed. Tests are performed to identify where operational, design or mechanical/electrical/control shifts have compromised the performance of building services.

With today’s facilities becoming more technically advanced than ever before, the pressures put on a building’s mechanical, electrical, life safety and telecommunications systems to perform at high levels has created an increased demand for commissioning services.

Built facilities and installed systems must perform together, in accordance with clients’ operational requirements. Commissioning and startup activities validate the construction integrity and confirm the operability of the facility in terms of its performance, reliability, safety and security.

In order to optimize your project, our experts contribute to the configuration of facilities in their planning stage, participate in optimization studies in their design phase, witness equipment and system functional testing during their construction phase and develop operator readiness plans and training to achieve an effective transition from the construction phase to full operations.