Bespoke Smart Systems - Residential and Commercial

Sophisticated technologies at home, enhancing your lifestyle


Automate the World Around You With Integrated Smart Technology

At Protek UK, we want to make it easier for you to go about your daily tasks. We want you to listen to music, access entertainment, or even personalise your lifestyle with a home automation system.Our Smart Home installation service will enable you to take full advantage of Smart Home Technology, make the most of your free time, and can be incorporated into your daily lifestyle seamlessly. It's technology which can be added to every time you buy a new product which is connected to the Internet of Things.


Experience a True Smart Home with Advanced Control Systems

Think about all the little things that take up your time, or cause inconvenience around the house. Things like getting up to turn lights on and off, or constantly having to change your thermostat when the weather’s on the turn. Think about going back and forth to open the door each time you have guests, unexpected callers or deliveries. Then there's worrying about security at night, or wondering if your home or children are safe when you’re not there.

Smart Home Automation lets you take care of all these things from your arm-chair, or even further afield, say at work, or even when you’re on holiday! With more and more white goods, including fridges, air con, even washing machines and driers becoming smart, it’s possible to automate them. Automation means you're able to run them when you want, or when they will be most efficient and consume the least energy.


Simple Convenience, Security and Peace of Mind

Your automated home runs more efficiently than it did before. It’s not just a life of convenience that you get with home automation, efficiency and security is built in too. When you fit smart fire and smoke alarms, baby monitors, interior and exterior cameras and intercoms, you’re making your home a safer place.

There’s A Lot That Just Eats Away At Your Time Of Day

But what if all those things could be controlled by your smartphone, tablet or even your voice? It would surely free up hours every day, or even hundreds of hours a month. Time that can be used for accomplishing tasks or goals you want to undertake.


Here are some of the brands we’ve used on many of our installation projects. Having used the branded products for a number of years on countless installations, whether you have a Home Cinema or Multiroom Audio System, we know they are excellent quality and will enhance your home system for years to come.


Crestron believe technology should simplify your life, not complicate it. Crestron is our preferred smart home control brand and are recognised worldwide as leaders in residential, commercial and campus control automation systems. Their solutions integrate a range of systems throughout your home and make them easy to monitor and control with intuitive interfaces. All your favorite brands and existing equipment can be enhanced through integration, including your TV, Blu-ray player, stereo system, media player, and security systems. With Crestron the possibilities are almost endless. From touch screens that control everything, to keypads that control specific functions, there’s an elegant Crestron solution for every room in your home. There are even waterproof remotes for use around pools and bathrooms, so you’re always in control, no matter the environment.



Control4 provides simple and convenient automation control of a range of devices. All systems use the same user interface, so anyone with a Control4 system is familiar with the layout. Control4 is a popular choice for residential properties as it offers a very attractive price point, but its range of features certainly gives the long established automation brands a run for their money


Designed and based in the UK, Rako is an established name in the UK custom installation industry. Providing a wide selection of lighting products, that give both new build and retrofit abilities, their system has a flexibility that many others are lacking. Rako is the ideal choice for completed homes and spaces as their wireless solutions enable installations without disruption or mess!



Music Everywhere! Sonos has fast become the leader in audio solutions for the connected home. From multi-development projects that incorporate a single player in each property to large advanced multi-room audio systems that simply utilise Sonos’s vast streaming abilities, there’s no doubt that Sonos has changed everything. With access to thousands of radio stations worldwide, alongside music subscription services like Spotify and Apple Music, the audio world is literally at your finger tips.


KNX is suited to a wide range of applications in home and building control, ranging from lighting and shutter control to various security systems, heating and ventilation,/air conditioning. KNX also lends itself to monitoring, water control, energy management and smart metering, as well as household appliances, audio/video and lots more.

We use KNX to control lighting and heating in our installations and then pair it with an automation controller such as ELAN, Crestron, AMX, or Control4,  thus providing an extra level of reliability.

Unlike our other brands, KNX is less of a brand and more of standard.  With over 800 manufacturers producing KNX certified equipment – all of which is interoperable – the choices really are endless.

Your Smart Home are certified KNX Partners. To gain this certification we have undergone extensive training to ensure that we thoroughly understand the system and the best ways of implementing it.