PROTEK (UK) participation in Saudi Arabia Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia is at a crossroads, having unveiled a grand vision of where its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to take the nation over the next 12 years.

Dynamic change being effected under the Crown Prince’s Vision 2030 is aimed at positioning the nation far beyond simply controlling turbulence in its core energy markets.

Announced in April 2016, the programme’s goals include reducing the nation’s dependence on oil, diversifying its economy and developing public service sectors such as healthcare, education infrastructure, recreation and tourism.


Vision 2030 also includes pledges on progress in technology, infrastructure, finance and a more progressive role for women in business and society. It is a vision to transform Saudi Arabia and one that also offers enormous opportunities.

As Saudi Arabia enters a new era of tremendous and urgently needed change, the support provided by international partnerships will be integral to a secure and stable future.


PROTEK (UK) Partnerships

Protek UK has managed to sign partnerships with few very reputable Saudi Arabia Companies, to deliver the best services and to help in archiving the Kingdom Vision 2030. 

Our services includes the followings :

  • Electrical Inspections and Testing for LV and HV including malls, compounds, parks, Governmental and Military institutions

  • Electrical Safety Reports and Certificates

  • Safety advice and Consultancy for Green Energy

  • Site Audits and Inspections

  • Commissioning and Maintenance  

Our Vision

To be recognized as a professional group to deliver exceptional services efficiently.

Our Goals
  • Strive to meet our customer's expectation.

  • To form selective alliances or partnerships with leading companies in each industry.

  • To enhance the employee skill, working environment and maximizing the owners return.

  • Tailor our vast capabilities to satisfy our customer's specific requirements .

  • Demonstrate the same care and concern for our alliance customers that they expect from a true partner .

  • use the most efficient/effective means possible to satisfy all business requirements through :

    • Innovative management and dynamic leadership .

    • Creating a team work environment.

    • Continuous total quality improvement.

    • Continuous work ethics improvement.

    • Continuous care and training of our employees

Code of Ethics

Protek UK takes pride in its reputation for maintaining the highest standards of business conduct, which are based on sound ethical principles.
Protek UK Code of Ethics an instrument structured to reflect the key ethical principles to which Atheeb is committed and expects all its Stakeholders to embrace as the minimum guidelines for ethical business conduct at the corporate level.
This Code is mainly addressed to the Directors and Employees of Protek UK and its Affiliated Entities, Subsidiaries, Consultants, Collaborators, Attorneys, Suppliers, Customers, Business Partners, Shareholders, Financial Institutions, Representatives or any individual or party acting on behalf of Protek UK.

Please click here for the Code of Ethics.

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